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What is a faceted search?

Faceted search:
After your initial search, you will see facets in the left hand bar that allow you to narrow your search further.

Clicking the "+" sign expands out all the all of the options under that facet.
For example: if you expand the census year facet, you will be presented with a complete list of available censuses sorted by year.

The following facets are available:

  • State
  • Census Year
  • County
  • City/Township
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Pro tip: It's often best to start simpe and then narrow down the results by using the facets available for your personal results. 


    You can expand or minimize the search facets by clicking on the column heading (excluding the age column). Using the facets helps to sort the results by only looking at names which match all of the criteria you have about a person.

    We hope this improves your census search experience and helps you digger deeper into your family tree. Happy searching!