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How do I search?

There are several ways to search and refine your results on the site. All of our census records are easily searchable due to our meticulous indexing process.

Name Variants:
When you search on a name, you can check the box next to the first name or last name field which will pull up variants of the name you searched on. These are basically alternate spellings or names that sound similar.

Wild cards:
Sometimes the spelling of a names and places change over the years, or names and locations are transcribed incorrectly in the data set you are searching. You might not know how your ancestor or relative spells their name or the name of their parish or township, or you might only know their initial.

To help with these issues, we allow you to use the following wild-card characters in your search:

? = single character wild-card
* = unknown text string

This is what will you will get in your search results:

  • Searching for "Re?d" would give results for "Reed", "Read", "Reid"
  • Searching for "T*y" would give results for "Tommy", "Tammy","Timmy", "Toby"