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Census Facts and Maps

Wondering what questions were asked in each census?  Want to see a map of what area was included in each census? Wondering what records were lost after the federal census was taken?  We have compiled a quick census fact sheet for each US census year that gives you the important data and a map.  The census fact sheets include the following:

Census Number – The number of people that were counted in a federal census

Census Data – The questions that were asked that year

Sample Census Image

Sample Census Transcription

Census Day

Census Duration:  How long it took to take the census that year

Census Geography:  What states and territories were included in the federal census

Census Map – Highlights the states and territories included in that year’s census

What was lost from the Census:  After US federal census were taken records were often lost or destroyed before they could be put on microfilm. We tell you what states lost data 

Key Historical and Census Facts:  Interesting items and facts that make a particular federal census unique. In addition, we mention some historical events that occurred near the time of the census.