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1920 census

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1920 Census Number:   106,021,537

1920 Census Data

  • Place of residence
  • Name of each person at residence
  • Relationship of each person to head of household
  • Home data
    - Owned or rented
    - Value of home or monthly rental
    - Does family own a farm
  • Personal Description
    - Sex
    - Color or race
    - Age at last birth
    - Marital condition
    - Age at first marriage
  • Education
    - Attended school or college in the last year
    - Whether able to read or write
  • Place of Birth
    - Each person and his or her parents birthplace
    - If United States give State or Territory
    - If foreign birth give country in which birthplace is now situated
  • Native language of foreign born
  • Citizenship
    - Year of immigration into the United States
    - Naturalization
    - Ability to speak English
  • Occupation & Industry
    - Trade or profession,  type of work done
    - Industry or business
    - Class of worker
  • Employed (Yes/No)
  • Sample 1920 Census Image
  • Sample 1920 Census Transcription

1920 Census Day:  January 5, 1920

1920 Census Duration:  1 month

1920 Census Geography


  • 48 States - New States in 1920 Census:  Arizona and New Mexico
  • Territories – Alaska, Hawaii, American Samoa, the Canal Zone, Guam, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands

1920 Facts

  • President during census:  William H Taft
  • American Professional Football League is formed in 1920. It would change its name to the National Football League in 1922
  • 19th Amendment is ratified giving women the right to vote on August 18,1920
  • Warren G Harding wins the Presidential election in a landslide.  Was the first presidential election in which women had the right to vote – November, 1920
  • KDKA in Pittsburgh, PA becomes the first radio station to offer regular broadcasts on November 2, 1920