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1880 census

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US Census Years

1880 Census Number:   50,189,209

1880 Census Data

  • Name of each person in household
  • Relationship to Head of Household
  • Personal Description
    - Age
    - Sex
    - Color
    - Birthplace
    - Marital Status (Single, Married, Widowed, Divorced)
    - Married within previous year
    - Month of Marriage, If married within the previous year
    - Deaf, dumb, blind or insane
    - Occupation
    - Sick or temporarily disabled
    - Maimed, crippled, bedridden or otherwise disabled
  • Place of Birth
    - Each person’s parents
  • Education
    - Attended school in previous year
    - Ability to read and write in English
  • Home Data
    - Value of Real Estate
  • Location
    - Name of street and number of house
    - City/Village/Town/Borough
    - County

Sample 1880 Census Transcription

1880 Census Day:  June 1, 1880

1880 Census duration:  1 month

1880 Census Geography


  • 38 States - New State in 1880 Census:  Colorado
  • Territories – Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Idaho, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Washington,  Alaska, Dakota and Indian

1880 Facts

  • President during the census:  Rutherford B. Hayes
  • 1880 Census was the first census to document the relationship between each person and the head of household.  First census to list marital status, street name and house number in addition to the birthplace of people’s parents
  • The New York City area passes the 1 million mark with a population of 1,206,299
  • Thomas Edison files a patent for his electric incandescent lamp on January 27, 1880. He supplies the first Electricity to customers on September 4, 1882
  • A gunfight breaks out at the O.K. corral in Tombstone, AZ on October 26, 1881