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1840 census

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1840 Census Number:   17,069,453

1840 Census Data

  • Name of Family Head
  • Number of free white males and females broken down by age category
  • Number of other free persons except Indians not taxed
  • Name of Slave Owner
  • Number of slaves
  • Number of male and female slaves by age
  • Number of foreigners (not naturalized) in a household
  • Number of deaf, dumb and blind persons within a household
  • Number of age of person receiving a military pension
  • Number of persons attending school
  • District or Town
  • County

1840 Census Day:  June 1, 1840

1840 Census duration:  18 months

1840 Census Geography


  • 26 States  - New States in 1840 Census:  Arkansas and Michigan
  • Territories - Iowa Territory, Wisconsin Territory and Florida Territory

What has lost from the 1840 Census?

  • No substantial losses

1840 Facts

  • 1840 census was first to ask military-related question; captured name and age of Revolutionary War pensioners
  • President during census:  Martin Van Buren
  • William Henry Harrison (“Old Tippacanoe”) wins the 1840 election by defeating incumbent Martin Van Buren.  Harrison is inaugurated in a lengthy outdoor ceremony on March 4, 1841 contracts pneumonia and dies on April 4, 1841
  • In 1842, Colonel John C. Fremont leads an expedition to explore the Rocky Mountains

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