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1800 census

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1800 Census Number:   5,308,483

1800 Census Data

  • Name of Family Head
  • Number of free white males and females broken down by age category
  • Number of other free persons except Indians not taxed
  • Number of slaves
  • District or Town
  • County

1800 Census Day:   August 4, 1800

1800 Census Duration:  9 months

1800 Census Geography

  • 16 States – New states in 1800 Census:  Kentucky and Tennessee
  • Territory northwest of the Ohio River, Indiana and Mississippi Territory 

What was lost from the 1800 Census?

  • Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, New Jersey, Virginia, Indiana Territory,  Mississippi Territory and Northwest Territory (Only Washington County records from the Northwest territory survive)

1800 Key Facts

  • President during census:  John Adams
  • The District of Columbia was founded in 1791 but in the 1800 Census DC’s inhabitants are found under Virginia and Maryland.  The Virginia records are lost but the Maryland records are available.
  • United States Congress holds its first Washington DC Session in 1800
  • Library of Congress is established in 1800
  • John Chapman (a.k.a . Johnny Appleseed) begins handing out apple seeds and seedlings to Ohio settlers in 1800
  • Thomas Jefferson defeated John Adams on March 4, 1801
  • The Territory of Louisiana is purchased from France for a cost of 15 million dollars in 1803. The purchase includes all of present day Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, plus part of present day Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, New Mexico, Montana,  Wyoming, Colorado and Louisiana
  • In 1804, Lewis and Clark Expedition leaves St. Charles Missouri bound for the West Coast.

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